Casino Canberra

Casino Canberra has exotic and great surroundings to visit. Exquisite museums, galleries, night clubs, bars and restaurants it has beautiful hotels to accommodate your stay.

Casino Canberra is not like most of Australia’s gambling halls for one important reason – the complex is not allowed to host pokies, a traditional favourite game among Australians and international gamblers. Called slots or slot machines outside of Australia, the spinning reel games found in most casino gambling complexes around the world are only licensed for use in Canberra’s nightclubs, bars, and other retail locations.

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Conrad Treasury Casino

Conrad Treasury also known as Treasury Casino is situated in the heart of Brisbane Queensland Australia. It presents a world of shopping, entertainment, leisure and culture and is a 30 minutes drive from the domestic and international airports.

The Treasury Building is one of historical structures and houses a hotel, five restaurants, seven bars, and a nightclub. The casino is operated by Echo Entertainment Group. Just a short stroll across the Brisbane River lies the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

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The Crown Casino Melbourne

The Crown Casino in Melbourne is the biggest gambling venue spread in 510,000 square miles. Largest in the world this Casino is on the south bank of the Yarra River and have expansive and lavish number of shopping, gambling, dining, clubbing and spa options.

Crown has license for 500 tables, including high stakes poker tables, and has up to 2,500 different poker machines and video poker games. It has around 450 gambling tables allowing a variety of bet ranges with a number of different rule variations.

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Wrest Point Casino

The Wrest Point Casino Tasmania is located on the River Derwent in Hobart. It is seen as biggest gaming venue in the area. Wrest Point was actually the very first licensed casino in the country and was redeveloped to a full suite of gaming services in 1973. This seventeen storey tower structure is tallest in Hobart. With stunning surroundings this high limits casino forms the core of an all-round entertainment destination, for the Tasmanians and visitors.

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High Roller Faces

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