What Makes a Tough Poker player?

Tough Poker

Poker is a fascinating game because of the psychology involved in winning and losing. A good mental approach to poker demands that you study the behavior of others and the actions they take. It also demands that you remain tight and aggressive in your own game, never getting too high after a win, and never getting too low after a loss. Composure and patience is the key.

Studying your traits and weaknesses, eradicate your errors in judgment and temperament flaws. Only then can you start to appreciate how others may be acting and get a feel for their playing styles. Once you have this solid mental approach, will you begin to see the benefits in your play?

Habits of Mentally Tough Poker Players


The mentally tough poker player is self-directed and pushes himself toward success. He doesn’t have to be forced to work at his game. He loves the game and enjoys the work. When faced with adversity, he is motivated to do whatever it takes to triumph.


If you want to increase your mental toughness, work on your self-confidence. A self-confident player has a strong belief in herself and her ability to perform well. He doesn’t fall victim to self-defeating thoughts.

No Excuses

To become a truly dominant force in the game, you must refuse to make excuses. The mentally tough player takes full responsibility for his play and any mistakes made. He knows that by taking this attitude, he can control his destiny.

Emotions in Control

The best players are in control of their emotions. Poor emotional control leads to poor decision-making. Anger, frustration, and fear must be controlled or they will end up controlling you.

Stay calm under pressure

Don’t avoid pressure situations. See them as challenges to be conquered. When the odds are against you, remain calm and see it as an opportunity to show what you are capable of.

Be Determined

You must have a strong will to succeed in the game. Be relentless in pursuit of your goals and refuse to give up. Take all setbacks in stride and be determined to learn from your mistakes.

Stay Focused

To become a great player you must be capable of long periods of intense concentration. Being able to tune into what is important while letting go of what isn’t is a sign of mental toughness.

A good video to watch the mental habits needed to win.

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