How to play high limit Blackjack?

How to play high limit Blackjack?

Most of the casino players love to play the game of Blackjack at online casinos. Any type of player can play Blackjack if he or she knows the game rules. Be it a low bet to place for a minimum stake player or be it a high bet at the game of Blackjack for a high roller, this table game is the most popular game at the casinos.

High stakes games like blackjack have many advantages such as gaining access to an exceptional VIP experience at most online casinos. Playing high-limit blackjack allows you to experience the thrill of the game with the chance to win big.

The gameplay

Highlimit Blackjack

When playing a round of high stakes blackjack, everyone at the table is given 2 cards. A player will receive both cards face down and the dealer receives 1 card face down and the other face up. Players look at the strength of the dealer’s card and predict the strength of his/her hand in relation to their own cards. Typically, the dealer draws to 16 and stands on all 17s. Insurance is designed to pay 2 to 1, which is the same rule that applies to other variants of blackjack.

A player’s cards need to add up to or get as close to 21 as possible. The sum of the cards must not go over 21. Get closer to 21 than the dealer (or get exactly 21), and you’ll win high-limit blackjack.

Players are allowed to draw additional cards until they decide to do one of two things. They can “stay,” which means that they take no additional cards, or they can “bust,” which means that their hand exceeds 21. If a player busts, they lose immediately and their entire wager goes to the house. If a player stays, the action can’t be undone, and the dealer has to reveal his/her two cards and even draw additional cards if need be. A dealer needs a minimum of 17 in a hand to stay. Once the dealer has 17 or more, he/she is forced to stop drawing cards. If a player has a higher number than the dealer and hasn’t gone over 21, the player will win the wager.

When playing high stakes blackjack, players can employ winning strategies or play with their gut feeling. Online high-limit blackjack is played with live dealers and works the same as a brick-and-mortar casino.

Card values:

  • 2 to 9 – face value
  • Jack, Queen and King – 10
  • Aces – worth 1 or 11 (player chooses)

Rules of High Limit Blackjack

Rules of High Limit Blackjack

In high-limit blackjack, all cards are dealt from 6 decks and each deck consists of 52 cards. These cards are shuffled by the dealer after each round.

The wagering total is chosen by the players. These can be selected from the £1, £5, £25 and £100 chips. Once the wager amount is selected, the bet is placed and the hand begins. A player has to place their wager within a time limit or else the hand continues without them. Bet amounts are not allowed to be altered once the hand is distributed. But additional wagers like splits and insurance can be added throughout the hand.

Players need to complete “hitting” and either stay or get to the unfortunate stage of a bust before the dealer reveals his/her cards. If both you and the dealer hit blackjack simultaneously on the deal, the hand is considered a push. This means that the player’s wager is left on the table and the next hand will proceed. Another important rule to remember is that if a dealer goes over 21 while still drawing cards, all players that are still active in that specific hand will win their wagers.

Where to play High Limit Blackjack?

Where to play High Limit Blackjack?

The purpose of high-limit blackjack is really quite simple and relates directly to regular blackjack. The aim of the game is to hit 21 or get cards that are very close to but not over 21. When you play with a professional and reputable casino, you will need to ensure that they play fairly and that cards are dealt honestly. This can be assured by checking their licensing and certifications. The best option is playing with live dealers at the live high-limit blackjack tables.

Wagers often start as low as $1 and go as high as $100. This means that you can bet big if you are feeling lucky.

This high-limit card game uses a basic strategy, which means that it is one of the easiest card games you can play at a casino. All you need is a basic understanding of the game and its rules.

High rollers out there can limit the house edge to just 0.5%-1%. A casino’s edge represents what the casino is expected to earn as a percentage of a player’s wager. As an example, if the house edge is 1% for a game, the payout percentage to the player is 99%. Remember that the house has an advantage by being the last player to act on a hand, so you should rely on a basic strategy when deciding if you should hit or stand.

You should consider how many decks are being played with at a table. Also, consider what probability you have of busting based on your hand. Generally, the fewer decks used, the lower the house edge.
Each blackjack game relies on the value of two cards. This means that there are a variety of possible outcomes.

To know the best strategy to play high limits blackjack, read our next post.

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