High Roller – Keno Power

Have you tried to play high roller keno?  Gambling on big sums at a casino often offers better payouts than they would otherwise. These casinos have high dollar rooms and VIP lounges that tend to offer better payout percentages than their counterparts in the general section.

And this is not only applicable to the land based casino but also such offers are available for high rollers at online casinos where the management often offers much better odds to big spenders. In online gambling, the big stakes player is offered better VIP rewards and also in online casinos players at all stake levels get better odds. Online keno players have a lot of other options for instant gratification so casino operators have to offer them a better chance of winning.

Wealthy people play at high stakes for the sake of entertainment. It gives them a thrill and fun as well as enjoy the special treatment by the casino staff, the dealers, and other players in the game. Many rich people it is a prestige in playing for the largest stakes.

While many people might think high-stake gambling applies to high stakes poker, baccarat, or blackjack, keno for high rollers is popular among those from Asian culture, and is becoming more and more popular throughout Australia.

Many online casinos offer keno games which allow for high maximum bets and significantly large payouts. Dozens of pay schedules are offered by casinos worldwide, so it’s not certain you’ll be playing at the high house edge most other keno players face.  Let us see what soem casinos offer as house edge for Keno players.

High Stakes Keno

Gamblers willing to pay the price for high stakes keno should play at Guts Casino (powered by multiple online gaming software developers such as Microgaming, BetSoft and NetEnt), as well as sole Microgaming real money gaming websites such as Jackpot City Casino and All Slots Casino.

What is Microgaming Power Keno

Micr gaming offers “Power Keno”, a game which lets you play up to 7 draws at one time. This increases the money on the line by 7 times, but offers less volatility, since the money wagered is spread over seven different results. If you play at the level you would for single-draw versions of this Microgaming favourite, you get a chance at seven times the excitement.

3-4 catches equal an 0.5 payout, 5 catches offers a 1:1 payout, 6 catches equal 2, 7 catches net you 5 coins, 8 catches equal 15, 9 catches equal 50 coins, 10 numbers net players 150 coins, 11 catches equal 300 coins, 12 catches equal 600 coins, 13 catches result in 1200 coins, 14 spots caught result in 2500 coins, and 15 numbers equal 10,000 coin. The payouts vary based on the number of coins you play, so high rollers receive a lot of money when they win with a high number of catches.

Microgaming sites offer traditional keno games, too. Even with Power Keno, you don’t have to play the full 7 games every single time. Some punters might find playing seven set of spots at once to be annoying, because they’ll need to create seven different set of numbers.

These can be saved from one virtual draw to the next, so the annoyance is one-time and minor. Also, players can program the same set of numbers into the keno system each time. With different draw results, this amounts to playing seven sequential games, instead of the same draw 7 times over. Power Keno is not the same as placing one bet at seven times the price.