Do High Rollers Love Craps

Craps is one of the most popular casino game. You must have seen craps in pop culture shown in movies and became a center of attraction for all players. But it is seen that high rollers have more fun and enjoy this game in plenty.  Craps provides a decent atmosphere and many love placing a great deal of chips at the table and enjoying the gathering crowd to witness the win of a player. In casino’s language the new players or average ones are called ‘Small Fish’ and the good ones ‘Sharks’ and the highrollers are describes as ‘Whales’

Craps high rollers belong to rich category and have enough sources of revenue and simply want to flaunt their lifestyle or add to their substantial earnings. High rollers do not fret on losing an amount of money equal to a middle class working family. For those people witnesses such a carefree bet, it can be an exciting situation. Also even if losing the bet may put a huge dent in the high roller’s savings, they like to pretend like it is no big deal.

The love for craps

  • Craps is a game of fun and entertainment. It’s the perfect game for high rollers because they can enjoy the thrill of the game and look good at the same time. No other casino game offers as much excitement with a house edge so small
  • Also Craps offers a huge variety of bets. There are bets like the Pass Line Bet, Don’t Pass Line, Come Bet, Don’t Come bet, Free Odds Bet, Field Bet, Proposition Bets, Place Bets, Big 6 or 8, Any Craps, Hard 4 or 10 bet and more. Every single bet is thrilling and this makes Craps an interesting choice for high rollers.
  • The house edge in Craps has a wide range. For pass line, it is 1.41%, for hard 4 and 10 bet it is 11.11% and for making a Free Odds Bet it is 0%. This deal is inviting for high rollers who are hungry for an adrenaline rush.

High Rollers in Limelight

The truth of the matter is that high rollers at casinos love to be the center of attention. When they throw large amounts of cash around at a Craps table, attention is quick to come by. If they win, they win big and have the crowds watching in wonder. If they lose, they’re also losing big, and thus the high rollers get the gambling attention that they want and this is what makes other players crave for it.

Benefit to Casinos

High rollers contribute a large portion of the profit to the casinos because they risk a large amount on bets. Obviously, this is why casinos love high rollers (when they lose). Even if they are winning they make for a great atmosphere and others around them start to bet bigger than they normally would. In addition, high rollers are often unfamiliar with the game of Craps and may make foolish bets or miss opportunities that experienced gamblers would normally take advantage of.
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