Want to become a VIP- Know Your Rewards

You must have seen that most of the casinos offer a VIP program or membership for their players. These casinos offer a ‘VIP membership card’ or ‘Players club card’ or offer ‘Loyalty Program’ to reward players with benefits. Such players are rewarded with extra money as rewards and prizes, often related to the amount the gambler wagers or deposits over a monthly period. Majority of these players who become VIP members are those who are regular players and stake high rollers.

VIP programs represent one of the major advantages of betting and gaming on the web. If you gamble online with any degree of regularity, you may be able to receive a lot of extra value from such VIP treatment. Let us see what such programs are and how they are beneficial.

Can all players be VIP

VIP programs and memberships are exclusively set for the most valuable players at casinos. The fair play should have the approach to satisfy all the players whether he/she is high roller or not. At several gaming sites it is not uncommon for a VIP scheme to have different tiers, with the entry level tier open to all customers. Customers can earn entry to higher tiers based on their betting or gaming activity, and thus receive greater benefits, but everyone is entitled to some kind of benefit.

Kinds of Benefits

Many players are choosy when it comes to what bonuses, rewards, and promotions they like to see at gambling sites. Some casino players prefer to receive deposit bonuses, rather than cash-back on losses. Some players prefer to receive cash rewards directly based on how much they’ve played, while others prefer leader board competitions where they can win prizes based on their performance at the tables.

And this makes it impossible for casinos to come up with a single offer that would appeal to each and every one of their players. Few casinos offer fixed monthly deposit bonus, and a rewards program that provides specified rewards based on betting and gaming activity to all.
Also many gaming sites have different promotions and offers for different days of the week for the benefit of all the players. Such offers and programs keep the players of all kinds stick to that sites.

Providing value

There is no point rewarding a customer’s activity with a VIP program that doesn’t actually provide any genuine value. It is the decision of casinos to choose offering bonuses which have no real value due to incredibly high wagering requirements, or even to offer no bonuses or rewards at all. But bonuses should have reasonable wagering requirements and rewards should be earned at a decent rate.

Cash Back and Non Cash-Based Prizes and Rewards


The majority of casinos offer “cashback” as part of their loyalty program. Cashback typically means that for every bet placed, the player accrues a small number of points which can be redeemed at a specific cut-off point (normally 1,000 points) or on a specific date in a given month. These points vary, but typically reward 1 point for every $10 wagered, with 1 point equally 1 cent. So 1,000 points might therefore equal $10. It’s surprising how quickly these points can accrue, as they are based on every bet made rather than the amount of the deposit.

Most casinos vary the points depending on the game. The games that offer 50/50 options (ie: red/black bets in Roulette) and Blackjack usually offer 1 point per $10, while slots might offer 2 or 3 points per $10 wagered. Some casinos extend this further and offer up to 5 points per $10 bet on certain slots or games of chance like Keno and Scratch cards.

A number of casinos operate a “tiered” loyalty scheme where the more you play, the higher you climb But it is often hard to discover the full extent of what’s on offer, and often you tend to find out these things by playing at one place over a period of time.

For many players gambling is definitely about money and for some it is a form of entertainment. Rather than cash back receiving a prize or reward; like a theater show ticket or a discount coupon for dining is more valuable which the casinos offer to some players.  A player who deposits a couple of $k in a month is likely to find good deals like these few and far between, whereas a player regularly risking $10k and up might enjoy more of these over the course of time. No harm in asking the casinos what they offer if you cannot find information on the website, although much of the time these are discretionary gifts and not necessarily set to a schedule.

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It is not fair as many of the gambling sites do not provide a completely personalized service to all their customers. Something like a special bonus offer on your birthday, anniversary can make a small difference and feel valued. But it is for their particularly regular or high staking players who are entitled to receive more attention and expect to receive a truly personal service and all the benefits that go with it.

It can be tempting to increase your stakes or gamble more frequently to try and get the most out of a VIP scheme. It would be though good enough to first know the VIP benefits and the real value they offer before indulging in play.