How to play High Limit European Blackjack with Bitcoins?

Playing High Limit European Blackjack with Bitcoins is quite similar to your normal online casino high limit blackjack play.  First you need to select a regulated and well recognized, trustworthy Bitcoin casino to get yourself registered at the casino and open your BTC account. Then move forward to games lobby at the casinos and select High Limit European Blackjack.Designed for players that not only have more to spend, but that want to win more, this game flows in exactly the same way as other European blackjack tables, except it has the added advantage of better betting limits.

The features that you will find in High Limit European Blackjack is that you can Double down after splitting, you can bet between BTC 20 and BTC 1,000 and also get a favourable conditions for serious players

How to Play High Limit European Blackjack

When you choose to play this game you will find that his version of European blackjack aims to make 21 exactly as possible. Of course, if the dealer busts or gets a lower total than you, it’s not always necessary to get close to 21. However, in general, that’s the aim of the game.

The dealer must stand on any total of 17 or more and you’ll pick up the following prizes based on the way you win: Standard Win = 1:1 payout; Take Insurance and Dealer Has Blackjack  = 2:1; Blackjack Win = 3:2

In line with traditional variants, the High Limit European Blackjack tables allow you to split your starting cards in case you’re dealt a matching pair. Additionally, you can double down (i.e. double your bet and receive one card) when you have a starting total of 9, 10 or 11.

On top of these rules, High Limit European Blackjack allows you to double after a split. This basically means you can press home an advantage a lot more heavily when you join these tables. In fact, when you combine this rule with the fact you can between BTC 20 and BTC 1,000, you get the reason why this game is great for serious players.

Highlimit stakes in High Limit European Blackjack

Under normal playing conditions, a BTC 1,000 bet that results in you hitting blackjack will return you BTC 2,500: your BTC 1,000 stake back plus BTC 1,500 profit. However, when you consider the fact you can double your BTC1,000 bet when you split or double down, it means you can win even more
from a single hand. Even though you won’t be able to make blackjack and receive 3:2 on your bet, it is possible to split and then double your way to a BTC 3,000 win.

Popular High Limit European Blackjack game from Quickfire

The popular High limit European Blackjack found at BTC casinos is Quickfire platform by Microgaming. This exciting blackjack variant, accepts high bets that are perfect for those who play with big bankrolls. The main objective of High Limit European Blackjack is same as the one found on most blackjack variants – to score a blackjack and beat the dealer’s hand.

High Limit European Blackjack offered at Bitcoin casinos that feature Quickfire games has an elegant red layout. The chips and the cards are pretty much real-life like, even though there are some games that offer a much more authentic atmosphere than this one. The player interface may leave an impression of being a bit outdated; nonetheless, the game is easy to navigate and players can easily give actions or get informed what are the game rules and etc. Unlike other games that allow players to select and drag chips, this Quckfire variant offers only + and – buttons which can be used for increasing or decreasing the bet size.

This blackjack variant is played with only two decks of 52 cards and they are shuffled before each new game session. The only rule that dictates the actions of the dealer is the one saying that the dealer must stand on both hard and soft 17s. All the other rules are important to the players only. Here players on High limit European Blackjack can double only on their first two cards if they form a hard hand with a value of 9, 10 or 11. Players cannot double after splitting a pair and the surrender option is not available. However, the player can place an insurance bet in case the dealer gets an Ace that pays double. All other wins have an even payout except for the blackjack that pays 3:2.

High Limit European Blackjack is a game for players with big bankrolls. Most of the other blackjack games have a minimum bet amount of only 1 mBTC, whereas the minimum bet size on High Limit European Blackjack is 20 mBTC. Additionally, those who like to play with high bets and win big will be happy to find out that they can place up to 1,000 mBTC on this version of game and the standard maximum bet amount on blackjack tables at Bitcoin casinos is approximately 100 mBTC.