What are high limit pokies and the genuine tips to play them?

High limit pokies generally are defined as those pokies machines where you place high bets to spin the reels. In land casino, most machines work only on a single denomination; thus, a machine in a VIP room in a Las Vegas casino that takes $500 “coins” is obviously a high-limit pokies. But because online pokies offer many more options for customization on each machine, the same machine can often be played as a low-stakes machine and a high-limit pokies at the same time by two different players.

So high-limit pokies gives you the option of being played for over $100 per spin. While these machines can often be played for much less if a player so chooses, these games at least have the option of being played for high stakes. There are usually three different ways in which a game can build up the cost of a spin for the player. This is why it is difficult to simply look at the denomination of a machine in determining whether or not it is a high limit pokies; it would theoretically be possible to create a “penny” pokies that could be played for hundreds of dollars or more per spin.

How to judge a high limit pokie?

The first factor in determining if a pokies is a high-limit machine is the denominations offered by that game. Most online casinos will allow a wide range of coin denominations on their pokies machines. For instance, you may play a game that allows you to adjust your betting denomination from $0.01 to $5 per coin, based on your preferences.

Take a look at the number of paylines you have as the option of playing. On many five-reel machines, you may have as many as 50 or more paylines available, though you’ll rarely be obligated to play a certain amount, and playing even just one line is possible. However, the more lines you play, the better your chances of winning, as you’ll have more possibilities for making winning symbol combinations. Every line you play must be paid for separately, effectively multiplying the cost of each spin. Like suppose you play a 20-line pokies machine at $5 per coin. That brings us up to $100 per spin

Many machines will allow you to play a variable amount of coins per line, with a range of 1-5 coins being common. Of course, each coin costs the same amount of money, though your winnings will also be multiplied by the number of coins you choose to play. So if you chose to play five coins per payline, that would bring the overall cost of each spin to $500 within the range that most people would consider to be high limit.

Playing high limit pokies

High rollers obviously love to play high limit pokies but other players also feel the urge to have this pokies experience. In land casinos the odds on the highest limit pokies tend to be better than those on lower limit pokies. In fact, this is a progressive trend that exists through all limits: penny pokies return less than nickel pokies, which aren’t as good for the player as quarter pokies, and so on up the line. Although this is less of a factor in online casinos, there are still some cases in which “cheap” pokies payout at a lesser rate than their high limit cousins. In addition, playing at higher limits also grants you more access to VIP and loyalty programs that can earn you even more value for your play.

Another reason to play high limit pokies is to have access to the biggest prizes possible without relying on very difficult to hit progressive jackpots. Suppose you play Playtech pokies, Goddess of Life. In this game, you have the option to wager as much as $10,000 on a single spin,an amount most people could never dream of affording. However, being willing to put up that much money does come with some amazing rewards, as prizes as large as $5 million can come if you play for the maximum amount on each payline.

Online high limit pokies is often liked by players as here you find the limits that seem right to you and you want the maximum amount of excitement as a player making you comfortable with the amount you’re wagering. Whether that means that you’ll be playing for pennies or thousands of dollars on each spin is up to you and your budget and one of the great advantages of online pokies is that you’ll usually have the ability to play at either of these extremes or anywhere in between.

Few tips to play the high limit pokies

The best high limit pokies machines to play are the ones you enjoy playing. You have the choice to play on high hit frequency machine or low hit one. A high hit frequency means that a machine tends to give frequent small hits instead of less frequent, larger hits. If you don’t mind having to feed a machine to see you through a cold spell, you can look for low hit frequency machines and trade off the frequency of the hits to have larger hits.

If a machine has a wild, multiplying symbol, the higher the multiple, the lower the hit frequency. Thus a Ten Times Pay machine will usually have a lower hit frequency than a Double or Triple Diamond machine.

The higher the value of the lowest-paying winning combination, the lower the hit frequency which means that a machine that pays 5-for-1 for the lowest-paying combination will usually have a lower hit frequency than a machine that pays 2-for-1 or 1-for-1 for the lowest combination.

Also some machines have low hit frequencies because they’re designed that way. Blazing 7s, for example, is a low hit frequency machine. It doesn’t have a wild symbol and the lowest-paying combination pays 2-for-1, yet the way its virtual reels are set up, it doesn’t hit the lower-paying bar combinations very frequently so it can hit the 7s combinations more frequently. You can’t tell that these machines have low hit frequencies by looking at their paytables. You won’t know they have low hit frequencies until you play them.

The long-term payback almost never goes up enough for it to make mathematical sense to make a max bet. Even when there’s a large bonus on one or more winning combinations when you make a max bet, the bonus is rarely enough to overcome the increase in risk by upping your bet.

So you only play max coin if you need to activate all the ways to win on a machine or if you’re playing a progressive. In either case, ensure you have the bankroll to play max coin. Also ensure you have the bankroll to play $5 and $10 machines, unless you just try a few spins on them to see if you get lucky. Bankrolls can disappear quickly when you’re betting $5 or $10 or more per spin. Play higher limits if you want to get better returns and only play as much as your bankroll allows.

Both reel and video pokies machines are run by a Random Number Generator (RNG) chip. Every spin is random and independent from the previous spin or future spins. There are no patterns that are repeated over and over so there is nothing to remember and there is nothing predictable besides the average payouts, which are programmed in.

Every RNG chip for each pokies machine denomination is programmed to meet a certain return. Generally, the higher the denomination of pokies machine played the higher the rate of return. For example, a penny pokies machine may return 89% of the money put into it while a $5 machine may return 98% of the money put into it.

Low limit pokies may be more fun to play but they are, generally, only on the casino floor for your short term entertainment. Most smart players are looking for longer term fun with the possibility of greater returns.

There are some low limit pokies machines that may be called “loose” that offer returns usually only seen on higher denomination pokies machines. But this is often a single promotional machine just to get you into the casino. You will find these kind of pokies machines located off the Vegas Strip in some of the “locals” casinos.

In video poker you always want to play using the maximum bet because the 4,000 credits (or more with a progressive machine) for a Royal Flush is how returns are based. The returns on a video poker machine that returns 99% decrease vastly when you only play one or two credits and same goes for Pokies machines.

You will want to play the maximum bets so you qualify for a bonus round. By playing in bonus rounds you’ll maximize your fun and returns.

Finally remember pokies machines aren’t always the best bets in the casino but they can be the most fun. There aren’t many strategies for them to win and none will change the results every time you play because the game is random. But these simple tips will help make the experience last longer and hopefully make playing high limit pokies more fun.