High Stakes Roulette and Betting Strategies

This is a thumb rule at the casino when playing games that the higher you wager the greater the potential payout if you are fortunate enough to win. This is certainly true when playing high stakes roulette as not only will the amount of your wager be a determining factor in the level of your payoff, but so too will be the odds of the type of bet you place on the roulette table.

So you need to adopt the best betting strategies when playing the high stake roulette as well as even when playing for low stake.
The best odds on the roulette table the simplest one to take into consideration. These take the form of red or black, and odd or even. Not only are they attractive for beginners or novice players who have not acquainted themselves with the various more complicated roulette betting types such as a street or line, but they also provide the best chance of winning in that barring the ball landing on 0 or 00 (if playing with an American wheel) the winning number will be one or the other.

This high chance of success does however come with the drawback of being the lowest payout. These bets pay 1:1, otherwise known as evens, which means if you win you will double your money by having your original stake returned and receiving winnings of the same amount.
Many punters will view this as quite a good return for such a short period of time and can be particularly lucrative for those playing for high stakes in the casino as a bet on red of say $10,000 can earn them an instant profit of $10,000 if they win, although they could lose it if they are unlucky for that particular spin and the result was black or one of the zero numbers.

No matter if you’re playing in an online casino, land casino or are simply enjoying watching the action in a live dealer casino you know that every player gravitates towards the high risk high reward strategy. In roulette, the highest rewards come with the lowest probability, which is choosing the right number. If you are lucky enough to guess correctly, the payout ratio is 35:1, which means you receive your original stake back plus 35 times the amount. If you are playing for high stakes, this can be a serious amount of money, for that same $10,000 bet on the winning number would see your $10,000 returned, along with a colossal $350,000 in winnings.

High Stakes Roulette and Playing Strategies

There are a number of strategies and tips which can be taken into account when playing high stakes roulette in order to maximise your chances of winning or indeed limit your losses and make your bankroll stretch further.

Roulette is a game of chance

As a new roulette player always keep in mind that this is primarily a game of chance which does not involve any element of player skill or ability to enter into the equation like other casino games such as blackjack do. This means that when playing roulette for high limits you are still unable to influence the results and are dependent upon luck in order to see the ball land on a number of the roulette wheel which translates into a payout for you. The odds of winning in roulette will not be higher or lower according to how much you wager as the ball will not be swayed by emotions as might be the case when playing poker for example where you are playing against a human opponent who may not wish to take the risk of losing a lot of money. Whether you are staking one pound or a million, the probability of success or otherwise will still be exactly the same.

Past results in Roulette have no impact on future spins

Also point to keep in mind when playing roulette is that unlike games such as blackjack where the previous actions can have a direct influence upon the next action, but in roulette the past results of the roulette wheel spins have no impact upon the future outcomes. Many roulette players will have favourite numbers or believe they have a system which includes certain numbers. When these have not come up for a while they believe that they must be ‘due’ to come up soon and so keep placing bets on these numbers waiting for the ball to land on them. Unfortunately because the past results have no bearing upon future results of the roulette wheel, each number has the exact same probability of occurring with each and every new spin of the wheel. For this reason, consistently betting on a specific number because of past results when there is no bias to the wheel has been the reason behind many roulette players online and in casinos all over the world for losing a lot of money in a relatively short space of time.

Placing even money bets such as red or black, odd or even etc is often more preferable to those playing roulette for high stakes than wagering a large amount of money on a single number. This is because the odds of the ball landing upon that particular number are so low that although the payout will be extremely high if it were to come up, the chances are the player will have just lost a large amount of their cash on that single spin, which is why betting high on single numbers is often best avoided.