Guide To Win 5 Frogs Pokies Game From Aristocrat

Guide to win 5 frogs pokies game from Aristocrat

5 Frogs is an awesome pokies game from Aristocrat gaming. This pokies is derived from the 5 Dragons mechanic that remains a popular theme within casino floors and has multiple derivations. 5 Frogs has a 25 cent base game bet plus a 15 cent super feature bet, for a total of 40 cents minimum bet and bet intervals. You can choose to not bet the super feature, and the game plays more like 5 Dragons in its classic form with the same 25 cent bet.

5 Frogs Game symbols

5 Frogs game symbols

The logo of this game, which sits on the lower part of the cabinet is a very striking golden frog with a gold coin in its mouth. The background of the reels is a lucky red color, with a distinctive Asian pattern to it. Symbols on the reels are smart, though the regular symbols do not particularly stand out from other similar games. The yin yang symbols are bigger and much more vivid than the rest, really standing out even before their glowing type animation.  With 243 ways to win, reel power slots do give you the option to disable entire reels. This takes you down to 81, then 27 then just 9 winning combinations. Most people will of course stick to the full set of reels, which maximizes the effectiveness of the multiplier wilds during the free spins game.

How to win 5 frogs pokies game from Aristocrat?

How to win 5 Frogs game

When you play 5 frogs pokies game from Aristocrat you have to make possible combinations to win this game. This means that as long as you do not have a gap of 1 or more reels, any consecutive run of 3+ symbols from the left will trigger a win. Considering that you’ll get so many winning chances, the top symbol which is a golden urn on a pedestalpays very well. This is worth 1250 coins for 5 across the reels, with 4 clocking in at 125 coins and 60 coins for 3. The gold coins on a red rope and bunch of pink flowers (also pay well worth 1000 coins for 5.

Other symbols unique to the 5 Frogs game include a bonsai tree and a well, each paying 350 coins for 5 on a line. Those familiar Aristocrat playing cards that complete with crowns, gems and a shield  make up the smaller wins.

A very vivid yin yang symbol is both the scatter symbol and bonus trigger. This pays out a multiple of your entire spin amount, depending on how many are in view on the screen regardless of gaps. This is 25x your total bet for 5, 6x for 4 and 3x for 3. If you get 3+ you also trigger the bonus game, with a special ‘Super Feature’ version on reel 3 taking you to the enhanced feature round.

The bonus feature in 5 Frogs pokies game from Aristocrat

5 frog pokies super feature

While playing 5 frogs pokies game you’ll get to choose the volatility of your free spins bonus. The choice is between more spins that is 25 max  with lower multipliers, or fewer spins where the smallest is 10 with bigger multipliers of up to 40x on any wins. To qualify for a random multiplier, a win needs to be created with a wild symbol which is the frog which only appears during the bonus.

Like 5 Dragons, you can make a choice of free games and multiplier. You can also choose mystery and it will select a random spin number in the range and a set of multipliers.

If you want to add a chance element to this selection, then you can hit the ‘mystery’ option, which picks one of the 5 variations for you.

The super feature is the same up until the point where you select your spin / multiplier combination. Next each of the options has a number of free spins added to it. Even better the three different multiplier amounts for each option is reduced for some of the choices. By taking out the smallest multiplier, you can be sure that any multiplied wins you hit will get a bigger multiplier once the spins begin.

To top it all you can trigger more spins or the super feature during your bonus game.

The big wins in 5 Frogs

5 frog pokies super feature big wins

5 Frogs give you big wins and this means that you are destined to win one way or another. You can select the possible outcome of the free spins at your disposal. Pick between a maximum of 25 spins with lower multipliers or fewer spins that come with bigger multipliers. These can multiply up to 40 times on your wins.

If you are going for the random multiplier, you need to achieve a win that occurs with a wild symbol. This rare sighting only happens in the bonus. If you like to gamble with chance, you just have to select the mystery option. This will randomly select one of the five variations for you.