Guide to Play High Roller Pokies and win Big

High Roller Pokies is the pokies game, as usual, to line up matching symbols on the pay lime in this three reel pokies and five pay line pokie machine. This game looks like classic pokies but it offers special features that one often finds with modern video pokies as you have all the fun that rewards you high. The sounds in the background are silly and they are sure to bring a smile to your face. The graphics give you the feeling of being on a real pokies machine and the hippie theme is not overwhelming, so even right-wing players will enjoy it, but it is certainly a nice break from the high-intensity cop and robber games. While there is no scatter symbol and no multiplier in this classic pokie you do have the opportunity to win a jackpot worth $500.

Symbols in the game

High roller pokies

As said above this pokie game has a hippie theme, with the main character being a large hippie make, and the symbols being things like colorful shirts, butterflies, a little red bus, and the peace sign. You get a tie-dye color scheme to complement the hippie theme. There are of course other symbols associated with hippies like the Volkswagen van and a lava lamp.

Speaking of the Volkswagen van, you might notice that if you take a gander at the game pay table above the reels on your screen, getting three of these van symbols on the 5th reel means you win double the prizes. Of course, getting them on any of the other four means money too, but the fifth reel is what you want.

While flower power is often associated with hippies, so too is the wild symbol for this game: the peace sign. If you see the peace sign on your screen, look for any other symbols that might work with the peace sign to create a winning combination. The peace sign can replace all other symbols along any pay line and give you a winning mix.

Betting at High Roller

One of the interesting features of the interface of the game is the positioning of the lines, particularly the fourth and fifth which are placed in a crossed feature on the display The game can be played in denominations of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00.

If you pick all five lines then naturally you will have more chances to win. If you are aspiring to be a true high roller then you will want to place lower bets on everything with your fingers crossed. Of course, those who are legitimately high rollers might be able to maximize the bets and spend twenty-five dollars per spin.

How to Play High Rollers pokies

  • Visit any Aussie-friendly online casino and get register yourself as a new player with your smartphone or PC and play instantly on your web or mobile browser.
  • Make an initial deposit of $10-$25 to get started. Grab the welcome bonus to play pokies.
  • Move on to the pokies games lobby and search for high roller pokies. Now select the game and click on the game icon to play.
  • You can add credit by clicking on the coin slot on the bottom right side of the machine Click on the $5.00, $25.0, or $100 options of to add multiple credits from your account balance. You can add as much credit as is there in your account balance. Insert money in the machine by clicking on the chips in the lower right corner and pressing “Play 5 Credits.” This automatically spins the reels and plays the maximum bet (5 paylines and 5 coins) which gives you the biggest chance to win. You can bet up to three coins on one spin at the wheel. The number of coins that you play is displayed right underneath the Credit window on the right side of the Interface.
  • If you want to play fewer lines than you can select the lines you want by using the Bet One button. By clicking Bet One you can add up to four pay lines. Each active pay line is marked with a colored line and labeled with the lit number for that payline. When you have placed the bet amount of your choice, simply press Spin Reel, and wait for a win Symbols
  • The ‘flower-power’, style of the interface is quite interesting and well-presented on top of the usual RTG traditional interface. The symbols of the game are just right out of Woodstock, ranging from VW hippy vans, tie-dye t-shirts, butterflies, lava lamps, and peace signs. Imagine Jimmy Hendrix in Tie Dye Shirt belting out John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance.” Interestingly the Peace Sign happens to be the wild sign of the game.

Wild Sign

The Peace Sign is the Wild Sign of the High Rollers Game. It Is the Substitute symbol and it matches any symbol on the paying line. For example, a peace sign is used to create a three “VW Bus” win, when you get two Bus signs and a peace symbol in one row. The peace sign icons change into the “VW Bus” icon. The Paytable shows you the winning combinations and the amount that you will be paid.

  • The VW vans give you the highest payout in this game when you place a wager on Line 5. Note that the same combination gives you just 48 coins if you bet on lines 1-4.
  • Check out the Winner Paid option to know how much you have won on the last spin.
  • The Credit Window tells you the number of credits that you can still play while the ‘Coins Played’ option tells you the number of credits that you have already wagered.
  • The denomination amount buttons correspond to the figures mentioned on them. For example, when you click on $5, then $5 is added to your account to the machine. The other options are $25 and $100.

Play as a high roller

High Rollers online pokie is a unique three-reel online pokie that offers great odds by offering five pay lines in place of a single or three pay lines. If you wish to make the most of these odds, then opt to wager with five coins. This is certainly the best betting and probability strategy available for the High Rollers online pokies. The five coins strategy simply works on the probability of reeling in the highest reward by betting with maximum coins. As you know that there are a total of five pay lines in the High Rollers online pokies and you can wager with a maximum of five coins. Your bet gets distributed among all the pay lines. You can bet with only one coin per line. This means that if you are betting with five coins, you are betting a total of five coins per spin with one coin per pay line. As per this betting strategy, you need to wager with maximum coins to play with all the pay lines and reel in the highest reward of 100 coins.

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