Guide to Auto Play – A Feature in Pokies Game Best for High Rollers

Auto play feature in pokies

Almost all the video pokies games available at online casinos these days offer Auto Play features. This Autoplay feature is best for high-roller punters. As High rollers don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars on every spin whether they are getting at least a chance to get a good return and without bothering about placing a bet. Here find out about the Autoplay feature in pokies games and how it works.

What is the Auto Play feature?

Auto play feature in pokies

Auto Play is a feature that automates multiple spins at one go without further need of clicking coins numbers, paylines, etc. The autoplay has few required fields, like how many spins the player wants, or if he/she wants to run perpetual spins until he/she hits a prize, and selective paylines he/she wants to wager money on. The rest all you need is to enjoy stunning visuals, a soundtrack, and more. Auto Play mode helps high rollers to concentrate on other aspects of their game’s strategy, like bankroll management, win on the pokies prize, and other bonus offers.

The autoplay function takes the sometimes repetitive nature of these games and eliminates all of the work, making it faster and easier than ever to hunt for jackpots or clear a bonus at a casino.

How does the Autoplay feature work?

Auto play feature

When playing pokies if you across the Auto Play feature you need to activate it and the machine will play through spins over and over again, showing you the results and then moving on to the next spin.

This means it’s a completely automated way to play a pokies machine. Typically, you can start simply by hitting the “autoplay” button, which is normally located right on the main screen. To take advantage of this feature, you’ll first have to set up exactly how you want it to work. Not every machine will give you the same options, but there are a few common ones you can expect to see most of the time.

  • Auto-Play without settings: A greatly simplified version of the games in general without custom options. It is enough to click on the appropriate button and watch the game process. Autospin will continue until the player cancels it by himself, by pressing the “Stop” or another button.
  • Auto-Play with the specified number of spins: Here before the start of the auto spin, you can specify the number of spins. Accordingly, the pokies themselves will spin as many times as the player has set. The player may simply watch and conduct their calculations.
  • Auto-Play with a time limit: A very convenient option for players who are limited in time you can set the duration of the auto-game, you know exactly how long it will last and when it will end.
  • Auto-mode with financial limit: Even with all the desire, it will not be possible to spend more during auto spin than was planned. The gaming machine will stop itself.
  • Automatic mode in bonus rounds: Often, additional spins are a kind of bonus that pokies machines encourage a lucky player. Most often, the pokies give 10-20 free spins. Most of the high rollers will appreciate the opportunity to spend the bonus completely relaxed, watching the automatic rotation.

So you’ll have to set up how many spins you want to be automatically played before you begin. As said above, you’ll need to choose all of the aspects of your spins up front: how much you want to play for, how many pay lines you want to play, and so on. This is the perfect point to remind you that you’ll be paying for all of these spins – that should be obvious, but it can be easy to forget that once you get going.

You’ll also be able to program your play a bit to protect yourself in a couple of different circumstances. You can usually tell the game to stop if you ever win or lose beyond a certain amount. There are other reasons why the auto-play might pause as well. Some machines have bonus features that require your input; these rounds can’t be automated, so you’ll need to make choices to continue. Also, you will still have the right to stop the process at any time you want – after all, it is your money, so you’ll always have that control.

Auto Play feature- Best for High rollers

Auto play feature for high roller

As a high-limit player, you can consider the use of autoplay features like taking part in pokies tournaments in online casinos and playing the maximum number of spins, it is not necessary to run each spin manually. It is enough to activate automatic mode too to get all the competitive advantages. Also collecting statistics and checking your strategies and is enough to set the desired settings, and you will no longer switch attention to running spins. When you need to roll over your bonus, the result is more important than the process and if it’s about playing a lot of prizes, in a manual mode, it can be incredibly tedious. Automatic mode will be the best way out of the situation.

The obvious reason for using it is when you’re trying to quickly clear a bonus. Often, bonuses are “pokies only,” meaning you are limited in your game selection and may want to get through the wagering requirements as quickly as possible. In that case, there’s no faster way to play than with this feature. Similarly, free play bonuses that require you to quickly play through bonus funds that will disappear at the end of an hour or less are much easier to work through if you can automate the process.

Also when you see a large progressive jackpot and you want to have the best possible chance of winning the prize. Autoplay will maximize your spins in a short period, giving you the best chance possible of grabbing the prize before anyone else.

On the other hand, this feature also helps if you’re doing some work or are otherwise occupied, but want to play pokies on the side, auto play can make it easier to multitask by allowing you to get plenty of action in without having to constantly click the spin button.

Auto Play feature- Not everyone’s cup of tea

Auto play feature for high roller

As a player who wants to have more fun in the pokies game then note that using this feature will skip some or all of the animations and special effects that were seen during the game to save time thus taking away all the fun that comes with anticipating every spin and enjoying the graphics, videos, and sounds seen on many latest pokies machines.

Also for a normal player or low-stake player,  thousands of dollars can be lost out in a few sessions if they did not choose their initial options carefully. Primarily, auto-play options vary according to the software provider, so it’s better to understand the proper meaning and working of each asked option. Sometimes, there is a field that suggests 5x, 10x spins, or until you trigger a prize or bonus round. Also, many games allow setting the auto-switching paylines after every few spins which is better to target every area of a pokies game.

Finally, the best part of this Auto Play feature is that you can turn this off anytime you feel like it. Suppose you have a betting strategy you like to employ since auto-play will force you to make the same bets on every spin. Then you’ll need to do so manually since you can’t program anything that complicated into your gameplay. Also if you want to spend less and stick to bankroll and play wisely you can skip this feature and play pokies the way you like.