The Five Things that Make you a High Roller

What do you think makes a high roller? Do you need to be a millionaire to be a high roller? To become a high roller you need not be a millionaire. First therefore understand who is a high roller. A high roller is that player who places huge bets at casinos to play games and also lose a lot of money. These high rollers can be a high profile punters or players and are called whale or shark in the casino language. Let us know here the five things that makes you a high roller.

1. Select the Right Casino to Play Games

You need to select a casino which offers large bonuses and offers great chances to win lot of money. But remember you will also lose money when going for higher stakes. Whether you play at online casino or land based casino it is your duty to choose the good casino that offers benefits to the players and lots of rewards. To know which casino is best do a bit of research on the casino reviews at online forums or sites or through other players comments. If you find some sense in a particular casino then go for it to play. Remember always choose the casino with lots of promotional offers given to players from time to time.

2. Know the Casino Language

High rollers talk in casino language which means they are well acquainted in casino signs and slang terms. Learn all the phrases and the slang language the high rollers use. One example is the word “paint it”. The term is used in blackjack, when you have an ace in your hand, and you want a face card for blackjack.
Same goes for the signs that you need to learn. High rollers prefer not to talk a lot, at least not to the dealer. They can trash talk between themselves, but with the dealer, they mostly communicate using hand signals and the dealer very well understand what they are communicating.

3. Learn your game skills

If you wish to win big like the high roller you need to know the game very well that you wish to play. You must learn the rules, not only the basic ones but learn strategies, read about strategies, and implement them in your game play. Remember high roller doesn’t mean you depend on your luck or you try to cheat in the game. But learn when to bet high, when to bet small and always calculate your bets. It is not about the money you are staking but your goal is to win and that too a big one.

4. Accept to lose and be patient

Being a high roller doesn’t mean you will win every time. In fact high rollers feel proud then they lose and never try to show any anger on their face. They remain calm and poise and never ever disrupt the game. For high rollers, gambling continues, even when they lose. If you lose, try to do it gracefully. Losing is part of the game therefore accept the failure, give the dealer some tip, thank everyone at the table, thank the dealer, and leave the table.

5. Always tip the dealer

This is very important thing to do. Tipping the dealer is a way of showing gratitude. Whether you win or lose, tipping the dealer is mandatory and a clear sign of good manners. You want to tip your dealer some when you lose, and even more when you win. This is also one of the casinos etiquette. If you become cheap and do not do so it shows your character and behaviour at the casino. In fact once you have won need not rush to grab the money but play one or two more hands with smaller amounts of money, just for the sake of losing them. Tip the dealer once more, and gracefully leave the table to enjoy your winnings. So to be a high roller you need to take the traits to your personality.