What is the difference between a land and online casino high limit player?

High limit player is not only bound to land casinos as the traditional players believe but these players can be found at online casinos. The casinos but know this fact and therefore offer lucrative prizes and offers to such players both at land and online casinos.  Some casinos even go out of the way to treat such players with red carpet VIP status. As you know the casinos have their soft corner for these players because actually these are the players who make the casino business and industry run. High limit players add revenue to the casinos and thereby the casinos gain profits.

The difference between a land and online casino high limit player

Highlimit players

There’s a difference between land-based casino high limit players and online casino high limit players. In a land-based setting, heavy hitters can bring hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars to the table. These punters are offered serious perks also known as comps, including luxurious suites to stay in, poolside cabanas, free food and drink and sometimes even their own concierge service. They bet and punter in private rooms located away from the general player crowds and are offered the very best VIP services anyone could ask for.

In an online setting the stakes are a little lower.  Anyone who bets $50 on a hand can be considered a big spender depending on the site. The rewards for players with bankrolls in the tens of thousands are great. These people make up for the multitude of recreational players who are perfectly content with making $200 deposits at one time. Most casinos offer special programs for high rolling players, offering them special perks, coupons to redeem, extra bonuses, VIP status, comp points and personal services, usually via e-mail.

The games played by high limit players at both type of casinos

Highlimit games

If you think that that online and land casino high limit players have different game choice then you are wrong. The games played by these players are same at both the casinos whether at land or online.  You might assume that the typical high roller is an intelligent player who is knowledgeable enough to know what the low-edge casino games are. Of course, there is always the chance that a lottery winner or someone who’s just received an inheritance could simply play for the fun of the game, regardless of whether there is a big house edge or not.

Mostly favoured are the table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, and few other games. Baccarat is a common choice among high rolling players. Historically, this game has always been favoured by the wealthy, having originated in the courts of French royalty hundreds of years ago. It is the low house edge and interesting rules for drawing extra cards which attracts the heavy hitters.

Craps is also a popular game amongst high rollers. It has a low house edge for the pass-line bet and then offers zero-edge bets until the round ends. This classic table game can be enjoyed for huge stakes at casinos around the world. Blackjack is another game many high rollers flock to. Thousands of dollars can be bet on the deal of a single card. Furthermore, being able to split and double down allows for big wins to become a reality if one plays their cards right. The low house edge is what most often attracts the big money players to the Blackjack tables and it’s safe to say that these seasoned gamblers won’t make the mistake of taking insurance or participating in any fancy side bets, as these moves only increase the house edge over time.

The games high rollers typically avoid include the ones that carry a higher house edge, such as American Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker and all pokies machine games.

Online high limit players are increasing in popularity

Games online

With changing times and technology it is seen that online high limit players are increasing in popularity. That is because of the convenience offered to the players to play wherever they wish to and with their own time frame be it at home, office or at a park with their laptop or mobile. Online casinos make sure that their big money players are well taken care of. Online casinos typically develop special VIP programs which reward big spenders with special perks not offered to typical recreational players. From exclusive weekly bonus offers and higher comp point earning rates to VIP-only promotions and invitations to exclusive events held around the world, there’s no question that these players are compensated for the money they bring to the online casinos they play at. The interesting thing about these special VIP programs is that one cannot request to be admitted to them – they most often function by invitation only. If you qualify as a high limit player based on your wagering history, you’ll most likely get a personal invitation from the casino manager in question.

One other reason for the high limit players popularity at online casinos is that there is no such legal complication to play online games in most of the countries. Though in some countries depositing at online casinos becomes a bit of hurdle but with so many deposit options available these days at the online casinos that too is overcome by the high limit players. Also there are so many online casinos to choose that your choice become unlimited.

But finally if you wish to become a high limit player at any online casino you need to see that the online casino is reputed one, is legit and licensed under some jurisdiction, offers generous bonus and deposit and withdrawal modes as well as offer friendly customer support.