The Best 4 Casino Games Loved by High Rollers

High Roller Status

High rollers are somewhat choosy in their games. They often look for games that pay high and also games that demand high stakes. Also, they do not have more than three to four games of their choice, and the rest they seldom play.

That is because playing with big bankrolls is risky and players try to minimize their chances of losing by choosing games with a low house edge. High rollers look for simple rules and play with good playing strategy The four casino games that high rollers enjoy most are Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps and French Roulette.

1. Baccarat for High Rollers

The time when Baccarat was invented in France was liked by the elite class of people. Today so many players play on high roller Baccarat tables. The game is certainly unique. It has very interesting rules and usually, the minimum accepted bet amounts are relatively high; hence this is the first sign that the game is designed for serious players who have lots of cash for playing.

The house edge of this game is relatively good for high-roller players. When played with six or eight decks, and this is the most commonly offered variant at online casinos, the house edge is set at 1.06% on the banker bet and 1.24% on the player bet. The tie bet has an enormous house edge of 14.44%; hence the best game to play.

2. Craps for High Rollers

Craps is the one game that is very popular at the casinos when it comes to table games. High rollers are often crowded at this table with lots of money to stake. Craps is a simple game that has lots of betting options; hence, knowing the rules and bets can be quite profitable for high rollers who know how to take advantage of this game.

Understandably, the most popular bets on craps are pass, come, don’t pass and don’t come. The first two bets share the same house edge of 1.41%, while the latter two have lower edges of 1.36%. The other bets have some higher edges that vary from 1.52% to 16.67%. Also, it is important to note that craps have three bets with zero house edge! Bet on the Odds and you won’t find yourself in a better position in any other game.

3. Blackjack for High Rollers

Blackjack is the favourite of all games when it comes to High Rollers. It also attracts players because of its low house edge. This game attracts players with its Low House Edge and is thus liked by all kinds of players. When playing blackjack with the most favourable rules the house edge is an incredible 0.28%. This perhaps makes blackjack the most favourable casino game towards players.

However, there are many game variants and rule modifications; hence, for example, European Blackjack has a higher favourability towards the house of 0.62%. Nevertheless, this number is still better than the house edges of most casino games. You should look at all variants and compare which is better before opting to play though all seem to be good ones.

4. French Roulette for High Rollers

High rollers also love the Roulette game. Be it American roulette or French Roulette though French is most preferred by these players. The game indeed has a house edge which is unfavourable towards players and the other games but roulette is a classic game that offers a luxurious atmosphere like no other; hence, this can be very attractive to players even though the 1.35% favourability towards the house is pretty high as well as risky. Often players of high rollers crowd at the Roulette wheel for some spin and wins of a lifetime.